This site is a new concept for the pagan community in the UK.  It is work in progress

The site is on a secure hosting with Imunify 360 security which vastly improves the standard secure site hosting (https:)   We run the same level of security on all of our commercial clients shopping carts.

At present this is a classified advert site and much of the coding for location has been lifted from other platforms.  It's not perfect but at the moment it does the job.   

Having seen numerous attempts to sign up from South East Asia, despite using the latest Google Captcha coding we now setup user access once we know the sellers are from the UK.   Please email us for an account.    If your products do not fit into the categories we have listed please email us at and we'll do our best to add them in a timely manner.  As we said this is work in progress.

Our aim is to create a platform where we can all make additional income without incurring huge costs.   Our ethos has always been to promote everything good about the pagan community and we hope that this platform will encourage both crafters and potential buyers to deal honestly with one another. 

Sellers You do not need to post the full address as the road name will siffice.  The aim here is to encourage local trade as well as online sales.  Let's save the planet where we can. Listing made by mobile phone can be very slow - this will improve once we have a mobile app available but sadly that will take some time.  In the meantme we would suggest listing via a laptop or pc.

Images Images should be less than 1mb in size - you can use a free program such as The Gimp ( which is a free program to reduce the size and create a professional image.  If saving at 2000pixels wide set the quality to 75.

Buyers do not need to register to contact sellers and can make contact via mobile phones as well as laptops and pc's

At the moment listing is free of any charge whilst we test out the platform. Eventually some sections will incur a small charge whilst others will remain free to use.  Charges will be considerably lower than Etsy or Ebay.